Meet the Event Crew

Hardworking, Dedicated and long Standing

The crew that delivers the Scottish Freedom Series is both highly experienced and focused on giving you, the riders/ the very best day out in the Scottish mountains. Sometimes the weather plays ball and sometimes it doesn’t but come what may the event team will battle on with a grin to make your day one to remember…

SFS Series Director since 2012

Iain Ramsay-Clapham, Snowsport Scotland

SFS Judge and Starter – since 2013

Iain Fitzpatrick

SFS Mtn Safety Training Lead since 2016

Andy Townsend – Glenmore Lodge

SFS Judge – since 2014

Rob Grant

SFS Starter & Marshall – since 2013

Colin Menzies

SFS Judge – since 2012

Keith Johnston

SFS Starter & Marshall – since 2014

Alex Mackenzie

SFS Judge – since 2012

Raymond Hussain

SFS Marshall/Ski Dude & Starter – since 2014

Connor Ramsay-Clapham