Results go back to 2012 to that first Coe Cup, when about 50 riders ventured out onto flypaper onto what seemed like the last patch of snow in Scotland. Most of us were there and what an amazing and memorable day it was. Pictured above are the winners of that 2012 Coe Cup… Look what it started.

2020 SFS Freeride Championships

  • SFS OVERALL SERIES Championship Ranking
  • SFS Lawers of Gravity Results
  • SFS Corrie Challenge Results
  • SFS Coe Cup Results
  • SFS Final Results

2019 SFS Freeride Championships

2018 SFS Freeride Championships


2016 SFS Freeride Championships

2015 SFS Freeride Championships

2014 SFS Freeride Championships

2013 Coe Cup

2012 Coe Cup

LADIES Results

  1. Roslynn Newman
  2. Ailsa Clark
  3. Amanda Forbes

MALE SKI Results

  1. Dave Biggin
  2. Malcolm Roy
  3. Benjamin Styles


  1. Tim McGregor
  2. Fergus Brown
  3. David Louden


At each event, competitors achieve a ranking in the following categories based on their run scores:-

  • Female Snowboard
  • Female Ski
  • Male Snowboard
  • Male Ski

They also receive “series points” for their ranking whereby 1st=100pts, 2nd 80=pts, 3rd=60pts etc… per the table below.

As competitors advance through the series, so they can accumulate further series points at each event. After 3 events the top 5 ranked male and top 3 ranked female riders in ski and board qualify for the final at which they can accumulate further points to conclude their series totals.

The overall Scottish Freedom Series Male Ski, Male Board, Female Ski and Female Board champions are then determined by their total series points. Should 2 competitors in one category end up with the same series point totals at the end of the series, their individual run scores across all events will be summed to determine the winner.